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I'm Only Human


What do you do…

When your happiness seems to be eluding?

When you can no longer fake a smile?

When you’re the person your friends rely on for inspiration, but you no longer feel inspired?

When you’re the closest to your dream, but begin to question whether it’s worth continuing the pursuit of it?

When your years of sacrificing begin to feel like a waste of time?

When everything you’ve worked for, prayed for, hoped for and even cried for, seems to start losing its value and appeal?

When the voices inside your head won’t be silenced and the energy needed to fight them can’t be found?


Who do you turn to...

When your old habits are reborn and the idea of their existence begin to haunt you day in and day out?

When the idea of relapse is more prominent than your confidence in sobriety?

When you start to wonder if you were ever strong enough to defeat your greatest challenges?

When you feel like you’ve won the battle, but the war has only just begun?


What happens then...

When your ‘why’ no longer provides the patience needed to never question ‘when’?

The answers are simple: Do nothing. Turn to God. And whatever happens, let it happen. It doesn’t matter, it never did.

Truth is, no matter who you are or what you’ve accomplished, the ghost of adversity will forever be a waking presence. The problems that exist in our lives only become significant based on our reactions to them. There will always be days when it seems like the bad outweighs the good and that’s permitted.

It’s easy for someone to misinterpret this entry as a message solely meant to inspire, but that would literally take away from its intention. This is more than a blog entry. This is my struggle, my authenticity, my vulnerability— this is my truth. And I can only share it as I know it.  

How many of you are currently going through a season of difficulty? How many of you feel like you have nothing left?

Let this serve as a reminder that you too, are only human. Give yourself permission to be exposed. Find comfort in your sensitivity. Allow for moments of weakness and understand, through stages of obscurity we then uncover the greatest clarity.

So often we hold others at a higher level than ourselves, forgetting that they are no different than us. We’re all fighting the same fight. I encourage you to rediscover your truth and allow for periods of discomfort.

This too shall pass. If you believe it, declare it!

You may be the beacon of hope to someone else, so feel free share this message with anyone you feel needs to be reminded that they too, are only human. And only through the power of thought and faithfulness, can we create miracles and acquire the authority to declare victory before the war ever begins.