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Quentin is available for keynotes, workshops +

training sessions on these topics

Title: Fighting for Life: A Story of Addiction, Anxiety & Acceptance

Topics: Motivation, Mental Health, Overcoming Addiction

Audience:  Wellness Experts, Medical Professionals, High School/College Students

It’s possible you’ve heard a story like this before—kid raised by a single mother, a father addicted to heroin, struggling to survive in the pits of poverty, fighting a severe anxiety and panic disorder, and a life-threatening addiction to prescription pills. Realizing that his life was controlled by extensive drug addiction and alcohol abuse, Quentin embarked on a journey to fight for a life he had previously attempted taking.

In this powerfully personal talk, he explains how he pushed himself to go from a state of want to a state of must, in order to save his life. He shares his experience growing up in Baltimore and how his ‘Trinity of Wellness’ helped him uncover a redemptive spirit that unlocked a new world of hope and possibility, that not only saved his life but changed the trajectory of it forever.

Title: Be Here Now: Overcome Anxiety & Fear Through Mindfulness and Meditation

Topic: Motivation, Mindfulness, Leadership, Mental Health

Audience: Business Professionals, High School/College Students, Millennials

In life we are often plagued by the perpetual fear of ‘what if’’. It is our fear of the future that often leads to uncontrollable anxiety in the present, both of which strongly limits productivity and efficiency. This workshop will teach you the techniques Quentin uses to manage his anxiety and depression, while exploring the scientific evidence that supports the effectiveness of a mindfulness practice in minimizing the effects of anxiety, stress, PTSD and other mood disorders, while promoting healthy brain function and improved productivity. 

Title: Break The Cycle of External Expectation: Find Your Purpose Through Pain

Topic: Motivation, Purpose, Mental Health, Overcoming Adversity

Audience: Entrepreneurs, High School/College Students, Millennials, Business Professionals

We're all products of expectation, but recognizing which ones to accept can be the difference between a life you're proud of or living one void of fulfillment. This talk is for the uninspired student still trying to discover their passion; the entry level employee with dreams of leading the next big project. You will learn how to overcome the pressure of outside influence, how to listen to your inner voice, conceptualize goals, and refocus your thoughts and behaviors in actionable ways to achieve optimal results.